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Almost everyone at some point in their life is alone. This could be due to a relationship ending, children moving away, or by choice. While many are happy being alone, others develop feelings of loneliness. For some, loneliness heightens depression and can be challenging to deal with. Sometimes loneliness can aggravate addictions, even those that were overcome years ago. It is possible to overcome feelings of loneliness and its affects and if you are looking for loneliness therapy Edmond Oklahoma, Kevon Owen should be one of the first on your list. 

Types of Loneliness

On a clinical level, there are two type of loneliness, chronic and transient. Chronic loneliness may last for years, while transient loneliness is temporary and can be related to a temporary issue, such as a week of dreary weather. Chronic loneliness can often be caused by something internal and can have varying degrees of intensity. A good therapist will be able to determine the type of loneliness and the proper treatment. 

Loneliness and Depression

Loneliness and depression can be linked. It is important to identify the differences between loneliness and being alone. Someone can be alone but not feel lonely. Feeling lonely is often considered a negative state of mind. Depression can follow because the person may feel that they are alone due to personality traits or actions. It is also possible to feel lonely even when living with others, sometimes due to abuse or relationship difficulties with partners or children. 

Loneliness and Addiction

Loneliness and addiction can be connected. Loneliness can lead to an aggravation of addictions, since the person who is lonely can feel a lack of support. Loneliness can also result from addiction, either because the person has isolated themselves from those who are not participating in the addition or because the person is trying to stay away from those who feed the addiction. Loneliness therapy can help address the core problem and offer solutions. 

Overcoming Feelings of Loneliness

If you are struggling with loneliness, attending therapy can help identify specific problems and offer solutions to these issues. Well-meaning but misinformed friends and family might make suggestions such as getting out and meeting other people, but solutions are often a bit more complex. Depending on the causes, therapy can vary. A therapist can also easily distinguish feelings of loneliness versus depression, which is an important distinction. 

A therapist who deals with loneliness can help. It is important to identify the problems that are causing the loneliness and treat those individually. In this way, the therapist is treating the core issues, not just symptoms of loneliness. This is vital to long-term mental health. 

Who Can Help 

Kevon Owen is an experienced, Christian therapist right here in Edmond. He utilizes God’s word along with a personalized therapy plan for your road to recovery. Kevon is well-versed in loneliness therapy Edmond Oklahoma and treating loneliness and its underlying causes and he has your best interests at heart. Kevon is happy to help couples, individuals, children, and adolescents. His website can be found at https://www.kevonowen.com