loneliness therapy edmond oklahoma

Mature woman looking sad and lonely sitting on a park bench


This feeling can even happen when you are among friends or in a crowd. It can become quite confusing for many, not really understanding what’s actually going on.

While feelings of loneliness can bring a sense of hopelessness and worthlessness, we at loneliness counseling Jones Oklahoma know that no problem can be solved without taking some definite action.

1. Acceptance

For you to make the necessary changes that will bring genuine and lasting help, you need to try and figure out why the feelings of loneliness are engulfing your life. Sometimes people try to hide from this condition by numbing themselves. You might try watching TV, sleeping, playing video games, or distracting yourself with activities and chores. However, none of these will really bring a lasting solution. 

Some will even blame others or themselves for feeling unworthy. At loneliness therapy Edmond Oklahoma, we know that ultimately, the aching feeling of emptiness has not really gone; it is only temporarily soothed. When such emotions threaten to take control of your life, it’s probably time to seek loneliness therapy Edmond Oklahoma.

2. Reach Out for Help

Loneliness can be painful and make you think that you are an outcast, a loser, and this is why it’s critical to reach out. You might want to react by completely withdrawing into yourself, but this is certainly not helpful. Whenever you anticipate loneliness, reach out to others who are close to you.

People who maintain a personal and intimate relationship with their God generally cope with loneliness well. Faith communities are known to offer endless opportunities for positive and healthy social encounters. In fact, you may not need to have a particularly close friend within the community to benefit — the feeling that someone cares in the group may be enough. Additionally, faith helps you accept those things in life that you can’t personally control.

3. Explore Therapy 

Feelings of loneliness can lead you to feel like you are not worthy of affection and love. That is not true and don’t fall for it. If you are unable to completely shake off those profound feelings of loneliness, you may want to talk to or seek the help of loneliness counseling Jones Oklahoma as part of your treatment regime. Look for a professional psychologist OKC with a proven track record of successfully assisting others who have gone through the same condition.

Don’t just reach out through social media posts; arrange to visit the psychologist OKC for a one-on-one, face-to-face meeting as it not only works better but faster.

4. Embrace Meditation 

It has also been suggested that the feelings of loneliness can be eased by meditation. Meditation is an excellent way of getting in touch with your inner feelings and understanding where those feelings are coming from. Learning how to meditate takes practice, time, and guidance from a good psychologist OKC. 

Final Thoughts

Loneliness can greatly impact your self-esteem, confidence, and even mental health. If feelings of loneliness threaten to overwhelm you, talk to loneliness counseling Jones Oklahoma, for we are here for you.