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Breakups are hard. This is true no matter what age we are or even what the nature of the relationship has been. For starters, anyone going through a breakup is likely to feel a flood of varying and sometimes contrasting emotions that leave us feeling more than a little ‘tender’. At these moments, having some clarity and making sense of them on one’s own can feel almost impossible. Kevon Owen Christian Counseling can help.

Coping with Anxiety After A Breakup: What to Do When Social Anxiety Goes Through The Roof

One of the most common experiences post-breakup is that of having social anxiety. In fact, as intimated prior, levels of social anxiety after a breakup can be at unprecedented highs. As if that is not enough, coping with the same can prove to be even more difficult if you add variables like being introverted or even shy to the equation.  

While we are often programmed to avoid negative emotions, the truth is, the first thing to do when dealing with social anxiety is to acknowledge your feelings regarding the same. Truth is, a breakup is a loss on many levels. It is not just the loss of a person or a relationship. It is also the loss of what that relationship has represented including a future you envisioned and someone to share that with. As such, a breakup means having to walk away from the same results in simultaneously feeling like you are facing an uncertain future and facing it alone. Thankfully, in spite of these very valid feelings, your story does not have to end there. In fact, it is at this point that you can have a new beginning once you are equipped with the right tools.

Why You Should Seek Christian Counseling for Anxiety After A Breakup

If you have gotten this far in this article, then chances are you need help overcoming anxiety after a breakup. In fact, I can almost guarantee it. Our Christian Counseling services are designed to give you the support you need to make through this challenging time in the healthiest way possible. Instead of having anxiety overtake you, you will be able to regain your personal power through re-establishing your sense of faith in God and yourself and the good that can come of your life as you continue to make good decisions and live well. 

Our Christian Counseling services are a great source of encouragement. However, it is much more than that. In addition to giving you the moral and emotional support you need, you are also given the tools you need to move from where you are to where you would like to be. The goal is healing, forgiveness, and moving forward to live the life you and those who still love you deserve. 

If you are in need of these tools and the right kind of support, then be sure to contact us today either by sending us an email through our website or giving us a call at 405-740-1249 to set up that first appointment.

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