anxiety counseling edmond ok

Most people will experience the pangs of anxiety at one point or another in lives.  For some, this is a constant struggle that they face on a daily basis; for others, their anxiety is situational and triggered by a specific challenging event in their lives. Regardless of the cause, overcoming anxiety is a process that is different for everyone. Anxiety left untreated can evolve into depression and fear. Often, the first step is admitting you need help and opening yourself up to the process of overcoming anxiety and depression. For those who are ready to move forward and are interested in anxiety counseling Edmond Oklahoma, Christian Clinical Psychotherapist Kevon Owen has a vast amount of experience with helping individuals of all ages and anxiety levels by empowering them with faith and healing. 

Why Kevon Owen?

If you are looking for anxiety counselling Oklahoma City Oklahoma, enlisting the help of Kevon Owen is a positive place to start on the road to overcoming anxiety attacks and any other stress-related issues. Owen believes in the power of counseling as a means by which individuals can work through the root cause of their anxiety. Owen applies the principles of faith and healing to children, teens, adults and couples to empower them to be their best selves, reflecting the glory of god. 

Anxiety in Teens and Children

If you have a child or teenager that seems to be struggling with anxiety, they are likely in need of help with overcoming anxiety and fear. Teens and children face a lot of challenges during times in their lives when they are still developing coping skills and strategies. Owen’s goal is not to downplay the existence of stress or challenging times, but to empower them with the ability to face these difficulties head on and cultivate their own coping strategy.

If left unchecked, young individuals often release these feelings in negative ways. Defiance, rebellion, anger, depression and fear rear their ugly heads as their young minds struggle to comprehend why they are feeling the way they are. Owen believes that dealing with these issues early in life has profound benefits as these individuals have triumphed in their struggles and developed some powerful coping skills along the way. 

Anxiety in Adults

Sometimes adults experience anxiety due to residual issues that went untreated during childhood or young adulthood. Other times, anxiety in adults is chemical, or a natural reaction to stressful events such as the death of a loved one, infidelity and divorce. What Owen wants his clients to understand is that whatever the cause, there is help and hope. Through his anxiety counseling Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Owen helps adults struggling with emotional stress and depression by listening and guiding them back to the path of faith and healing. 

Every person is different; thus every treatment plan is different. Christian Counseling is a powerful tool for helping individuals of all ages develop resilience and strength through overcoming fear and anxiety. If you or someone you care about is interested in anxiety counseling Jones Oklahoma, a visit to the Kevon Owen website or placing a phone call can initiate a valuable journey of self-discovery, faith and healing.