Paul Lowe 


Yes, I am taking new patients. I am a Christian prescriber who believes in a wholistic approach to treating. You are a mind spirit and body and all of them were created to work together. I love getting to work with patients and therapist to help you reach your most healthy and thriving self. Too many times it feels like medicine and faith are at odds, but they are not and don’t have to be. Medicine is there to treat symptoms, not solve life problems. It can be exhausting to try to fight your body and brain while dealing and coping with life’s challenges.

I was born in Oklahoma and raised in the small town of Jones and graduated from Jones High School. I went to OSU and UCO and have a bachelor of science and was trained to be a PA from the OU Health Science Center in Oklahoma City. I have spent 10 years in primary and urgent care.

I currently work with Physical Medicine of Oklahoma. I am also very excited to begin working with Kevon Owen in the Christian counseling world to help meet the needs of my fellow Oklahoman’s. I give the least medication necessary for the greatest positive outcome. Meds by themselves don’t solve problems, unless the problem is a physical or mental symptom.

Paul Lowe 405-771-0183 or you can Call Kevon at 405-740-1249