counseling for parents of special needs children edmond oklahoma

Disabled boy in wheelchair surrounded by family on lake pier


Parents with disabled children go through quite a number of challenges. Special needs kids require more attention than a child who doesn’t have special needs due to the intellectual, development or physical challenges they have. Parents of special needs kids need a support system rooted in Christianity to ensure they are not overwhelmed by their responsibilities.  Parents of special needs kids and self-care seem not to belong in the same sentence, but every parent requires self-care. Having a solid support system enables you to overcome your challenges and take care of your child. 

1. Therapeutic Journey 

Counseling for parents with special needs children Edmond Oklahoma provides you with a safe environment where you can recover from denial and many other overwhelming emotions that come with having a disabled child. Coming to terms with the diagnosis as well as the prognosis needs an extraordinary degree of strength and working with a counsellor whose practice is rooted in Christianity guarantees that you can overcome any challenge your situation exposes you to. Counselling helps you deal with a world of changing attitudes and the isolation you face as a parent with a disabled child. The overwhelming hopelessness that comes with the realization that there is nothing you can do to make your child’s life normal can consume a parent. Counselling ensures you remember that your child is different and not less than other children. 

2. Safe Environment 

Even though friends and family might want to give you a helping hand, they might not have the resources to understand the challenges you go through. A practice based on Christianity provides you with a safe environment where you can talk about your fears about your child’s wellbeing and future. Moreover, being a father of  special needs kid you require counselling to ensure you have a safe environment where you can express your challenges. Counseling for parents with special needs children oklahoma city Oklahoma ensures you work with a counsellor who understands your ongoing traumas. Counsellors with expert knowledge and experience ensure your counselling sessions result in a positive outcome. You get to find a way of dealing with the physical as well as mental exhausture that comes with proactively seeking information about your kid’s condition. Counseling for parents with special needs children jones Oklahoma is a Christian-based practice that helps you improve your quality of life. 

3. Mutually Acceptable Plan 

As a parent with a disabled kid, you need a counsellor who will seek your consent when it comes to choosing a counselling method. A mutually acceptable plan guarantees tremendous progress so that you move in the right direction. As a parent with a disabled child, your child’s entire dependence on you requires that you have an extra dose of emotional resilience. You are only able to nurture and protect your child when you and emotionally stable. Counseling put your heart and mind in the right place so that you are in a position to help your child. 


A Christian-based practice offers parents with disabled children the support they need to nurture and protect their children. Even though being a father of special needs kid your friends and relatives can give a helping hand, only a professional counsellor understands the emotional traumas you go through. Contact Kevon Owen at 405-740-1249 or on the web at