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When you are young, strong and healthy, you might be tempted to look at life from the perspective of reckless optimism. You are also likely to take some rash decisions in your relationship with members of the opposite sex. Now, this is to be expected because as a young adult, your hormones are in overdrive. Having said this, I have to point out that Christianity has strict rules on relationships with members of the opposite sex. The strait and narrow path of Christian purity is still your best bet. Still, if you have made some mistakes in the past, you can always make amends as long as you are sincere and ready to work things out with people who are close to you. Below are some relationship tips for a young adult like you. 

Be Faithful

We live in a permissive society and permissiveness comes with the danger that many people will condone infidelity because “other people are doing it”. Clearly, this is not the right attitude for practicing Christians nor is it the right attitude for smart and sensible people. Whether you are married or not, infidelity is bad for your relationship. The right move is to stick to one partner. Love and cherish your partner and there will be no room for broken hearts, sexually transmitted diseases and other unnecessary complications. If you are struggling with infidelity, a relationship counseling Edmond Oklahoma expert can help you. 

Be Caring

These days, many young people pursue material success to extreme levels. Now, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious and aiming for a better life. However, it does not make sense to sacrifice your relationships on the altar of mindless materialism. Be caring and affectionate all the time because this is the right way to live. More to the point, treat the people in your life with love, kindness and generosity and you will enjoy great emotional rewards. In case you are experiencing challenges in your relationship, you do not have to suffer in silence. A visit to a relationship counseling Oklahoma City Oklahoma professional is a bright idea.

Be a Peace Builder

Some people go around with a permanent victim mentality. Others are obsessed with revenge. The people in both categories need help from an experienced and competent clinical psychotherapist. Understand this important fact. People are bound to wrong you sometimes but when this happens, you should not go clinging to old hurts. If you go around with bitter thoughts in your heart all the time, this will affect your emotional health. Again, you should not try to take revenge on those who have hurt you. There is no profit in this. The right move is to forgive and move on with your life. Communication is a vital tool. If anybody has wronged you, do not keep it bottled up inside you. Discuss the matter with some people close to you and the emotional benefits of this simple move will surprise you.

Seek Help

If you are going through some challenges in your relationship with people who matter to you, the right call is to seek help. Consult a relationship counseling Jones Oklahoma expert for excellent results. 

Final Word

If you are truly a Christian, your Christianity should have a positive impact on your relationship with people around you. Be an excellent ambassador of your faith and other people will want to embrace Christianity. If you would like to discuss these matters with a licensed, professional Christian counselor contact Kevon Owen at 405-740-1249 or you can visit his website at