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Is there a reason why someone would feel like they hate everyone?

If so, are there ways to change this mindset?

Why you hate everyone is an interesting mindset to adopt. When I encounter this range of thought I usually wonder one of three things:

How hurt or angry is this person?

Hurt and anger left unresolved can feel like hate. If this is the root of your hating everyone its time to evaluate who you are and who you’d like to be. If you’ve been hurt that’s acceptable. Treat your injuries. Seek emotional support. Work to forgive the wrongdoer. The lack of forgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die from it.

If you hate everyone, is it hate or is it hurt by so many? You don’t have to stay hurt and you don’t have to carry the weight of the lack of forgiveness. If who you want to be isn’t hurt and angry make some changes. You will either work to resolve your hurt or you will pass it on.

The preemptive rejection or low self-esteem.

If you hate someone before they hate you, you win, right? Or does this hate that’s there to protect actually keep people from knowing or connecting to you. With few exceptions, everyone wants to be liked and accepted.

If you decide you dislike people before they decide they dislike you, you start and conclude an unfortunate story long before you have to know. Try assuming that instead of people are mean or uninterested assume that people want to be liked. When you meet that need they recuperate it.

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