psychology in okc

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Clinical psychotherapy helps patients with depression, anxiety, addiction or eating disorders. If you have any addiction problem, they carry out what med management and help with your withdrawal symptoms. This ensures that you lead a healthy and happier life.

1. Marriage Therapy

Marriages go through some rough times, and you may need to seek help from a counselor. When your relationship is not working, and both of you are willing to spend time and work on it, there is no need to give up. You can ask for help from a third party and get to settle your differences.

Most couples fight over money and finance management. This problem can be easily solved by showing them how to manage their funds wisely. The couple needs to learn to listen to each other when making any decision at home.

2. Child And Adolescent Therapy Services

Children and adolescents deal with a lot of challenges when they are growing up. They may be dealing with depression and anxiety issues. If these issues are not dealt with at an early age using psychiatric services and psychology services, their adult life will be full of challenges.

Your child needs to learn how to control their anger and have a relationship with their peers. When you take your time to council children and teens, you can achieve great results since their mind is developing.

Life coaching helps teens to handle life pressure and be able to cope. This will ensure that they grow up to be responsible adults.

3. Individual Therapy 

You might find that life is throwing a lot of challenges at you, and you may feel like giving up. This could be caused by infidelity, trouble with your children, financial problem and marital problems. Whatever the cause, this can make you feel depressed and stressed out.

You need to learn how to cope with stress properly. When you undergo the therapy and counselling, you find that your life is much happier and healthier.

Depression is a common issue in today’s generation. Depression is manifested when someone feels like they don’t deserve to be alive. This feeling leads to hopelessness and despair, which can cause suicidal thoughts. 

This can be avoided by talking to a counselor and getting the help you need. You need to undergo med management to avoid cases of overdosing. 

4. Clinical Psychotherapy

A clinical psychotherapist helps by understanding, treating and diagnosing emotional, behavioral disorders and mental challenges. Clinical psychology uses science, clinical knowledge and theory to understand the patients

They help you cope with difficult moments and days when you are feeling sad. A clinical therapist guides you during these difficult times and helps you get over depression and anxiety. 

Also, they help you if you have any eating disorders. They take into account what could be leading you to have an eating disorder. Once they figure that out, they work on improving your condition and making you feel better. 


Good counseling can change the lives of teens, adults and children. A good counselor can restore your crumbling marriage. Kevon Owen is one of the best counselors who believe that spiritual guidance and therapeutic techniques along with med management and psychiatric services can help people facing challenges. Kevon can be contacted by phone at 405-740-1249 or on the web at