In this video counselors Kevon Owen and Jack Smith discuss “Therapy for men”. Men can sometimes think this is a sign of weakness or they just don’t have time to address issues that need to be covered with a counselor. The pressures of family, being a father, husband, your career can get a little difficult to deal with at times and sometimes it can be beneficial to take a moment and talk about what’s going on in a man’s life and take stock of where you are at and where you want to be and what needs to be addressed to move forward. Kevon Owen is skilled in counseling men in family, marriage, children issues and it might be time to make an appointment and see where you can improve your life and your relationship to God as a whole experience. If this fits you and you think you and your family might benefit from christian counseling for men call Kevon for an appointment at 405-655-5180 or 405-740-1249 or visit his website at