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One of the best things about counseling is that you get dramatic results when you work with an expert who is totally committed to you. Psychiatry is not always about med management. Sometimes, you just need a bit of support and encouragement from your counselor. This is why an experienced psychologist like Kevon Owen combines psychology with Christian counseling. This combination works wonders and many clients of Kevon Owen are living proof of the excellent results this counselor has achieved. Below are some ways Kevon Owen can help you overcome any emotional challenges you are struggling with now. 

Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a beautiful institution but it comes with many challenges. These days, most husbands and wives have full time jobs. You have obligations to your employer and you have your responsibilities as a father, mother, husband or wife. Coping with all these responsibilities takes a huge toll on your emotional well-being. However, this does not mean you should let the pressures of life impact negatively on your marriage. Talk to a competent counselor and this expert will give you valuable tips.

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Children and teenagers have their own challenges so you should not overlook the problems they face. School age children might have learning problems, anger management issues and anxiety. Teenagers and adolescent face many challenges as they make the transition from childhood to young adulthood. Some of the problems they face include depression, peer pressure, sexual problems and self-esteem issues. There is no reason to pretend your children are happy when they are facing a number of serious challenges. The right counselor will solve the problem and the children in question involved will become happy and productive individuals.

 Individual Therapy

There is no point denying this obvious fact. Life in the present era is conducive to stress. Millions of people on planet earth suffer from different forms of stress-induced depression. The causes of depression include a partner’s infidelity, problems with kids, inadequate finances and fear of losing your job. Other causes of depression are mistakes, regrets, missed opportunities, a bad working environment and drug use/abuse. If you are depressed, you might feel hopeless and even consider suicide as a way out of your problems. The good news is that depression is disease so it has a cure. With psychology, medication and Christian counseling you can and you will overcome depression. 

Counseling to Prevent Divorce

Millions of couples face huge challenges in their marriage. Sometimes, the people in this relationship feel divorce is the best option but they are wrong. A divorce has serious implications for both the couple and their children. This is why a counselor who is committed to solving your problem will never recommend a divorce. Marital therapy will do the magic but you have to be committed to making your marriage work. Kevon Owen will work with you to restore your marriage and you will never contemplate divorce again. 

Final Word

We live in a challenging world but we can overcome all the challenges life throws at us by taking the right steps. Get in touch with Kevon Owen and this expert will help you with the tried-and-tested combination of psychiatry and counseling. Contact phone for Kevon is 405-740-1249 or you can visit his website at