season affective disorder treatment Edmond Oklahoma

Woman suffering season affective disorder during hoildays

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is related to depression and often mood changes. This disorder begins at the end of the year, mostly during winter. The symptoms persist during spring or early summer and later results in depression.

Below are various ways to help you overcome season progressive disorder.

1.Christian Counseling

If you feel you are being moody and need assistance, there are many professionals with extensive skills to help you overcome this feeling through clinical psychotherapy. Kevon Owen is a reputable psychotherapist with extensive expertise and experience to help you deal with Season Affective Disorder.

Kevon has been in the field of Psychotherapy for a long time and has taken the initiative to help other people. He offers to counsel to children and adults. He uses the word of God and numerous therapeutic techniques to establish depression triggers and provide a permanent solution.

He uses the word of God to give people hope and encouragement to face various life challenges. You are guaranteed to live this place with a peace of mind after being encouraged and shown the way to handle difficult situations.

2.Clinical Psychotherapy

Clinical psychotherapy in Jones Oklahoma and clinical psychotherapy in Edmond Oklahoma have transformed the lives of many kids, couples, individuals, and teens. You are served with the best therapeutic techniques. There is a trained physicians assistant working closely with Kevon Owen and devoted to transforming many people’s lives.

The physicians assistant takes part in guiding their clients and spending time with them to determine the source of their depression. The med management treatment is also in the front line providing solutions to the causes of depression and help people control and overcome SAD.

They use of psychology OKC has gone an extra mile to help people overcome SAD. The psychotherapists perform a psychological evaluation to fill out the questionnaire, which will determine the cause and come up with a suitable solution.

When the symptoms are severe, there is a need to contact a professional for assistance and prescribe various antidepressants to help you overcome the situation.

3.Mind-Body Connection

Several proven ways help in overcoming seasonal affective disorder, including meditation. Depression at times is caused by people failing to set time to connect the body with the mind. Kevon has taken the initiative to guide people with needed meditations.

Connecting the mind with the body is the first step to realize the depression triggers. You will recognize the change in negative thoughts and causes of various behaviors, making you feel moody. Kevon reads to people various scriptures to help them learn ways to manage stress by giving them hope in life.

You will learn ways to cope with SAD and manage stress. Kevon Owen takes time to listen to people suffering from SAD and formulates a solution based on the symptoms.

Bottom Line

SAD symptoms can result from changes in behavior and depression. Failing to identify what triggers this condition can lead to violence and unwanted behavior. Kevon Owen is a devoted spiritual leader with extensive skills on how to use psychotherapeutic techniques to help overcome SAD.

Many people in Jones, Oklahoma City and Edmond Oklahoma have benefited from his skills and service guiding them and providing hope. To speak with Kevon or make an appointment please call 405-740-1249 or you can visit his website at