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Being perceived as a perfectionist might seem like a compliment, but often it doesn’t lead to that much success. Perfectionists strive to be extremely hard-working, diligent and willing to do whatever it takes to get something right, but it can ultimately become unhealthy.
Is it possible to beat perfectionism? With the help of enough counseling and an entire change in the thought process, there is a chance to turn things around. Here are a few basic tips on getting started.
Always be realistic
Everyone should have a goals. A perfectionist usually has goals that are attainable, and then goals that are pretty much impossible to read. Be realistic with how much time is available to reach any goal.
By setting more realistic goals, more focus can be put on doing whatever possible to reach them. It’s much easier to have success reaching three very distinct goals rather than attempting to somehow reach 10 in a short amount of time.
Reduce social media use
Social media has its advantages for sure, but for perfectionists, it can lead to a lot of unneeded stress. Going on Instagram, Facebook or any other major social networking site is going to show the very best of each individual’s life. It might seem like everyone is vacationing and getting promotions to a new job, but it’s important to know that only the highlights usually make for interesting posts.
Getting caught up in trying to be better than others through the lens of social network is just not worth it. Resist the urge to check constantly, and even consider not checking it at all.
Learn to fail, and learn to fail in front of others
This is actually a two-step process for people who are really struggling to get over being a perfectionist all the time. The first step is to simply learn how to fail, and then be comfortable enough to do it in front of others.
The most important thing to remember is, failure can lead to success later on. Think about learning a brand new instrument. It is simply impossible for a person with no musical background to play piano at a high level without a decent amount of practice. It involves a lot of failures along the way, but ultimately initial frustration and a lot of patience can lead to success.
One of the hardest things for a perfectionist to get over is the fear of being wrong in front of others. In an ideal world, it would be great to always have the best opinion and the answer to everything. It’s just not realistic. Speak up on topics that you might not be an expert on. Jump out of your comfort zone. You don’t always have to be the right one in a group of friends.
Seek professional help
Realizing that being a perfectionist can actually be an issue takes time. In order to actually get over it, consider seeking a counselor locally. We provide options for anyone looking for individual counseling Edmond Oklahoma or Christian counseling Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Those in the area always have an opportunity to sit down and go over a number of ways to reduce stress levels and live a healthier life. Call Kevon Owen at 405-740-1249 or you can visit him on the web at