depression and anxiety counseling edmond oklahoma

Therapist comforting her patient while in session


Most people will experience a tough stage of life at one time or another. Many people are in a constant state of struggle, while some deal with depression and anxiety due to a specific situation or circumstance. Fortunately, there is not the social stigma attached to depression and anxiety that there once was. Public campaigns and initiatives to spread awareness have brought the disease into the limelight, and it means that people aren’t as afraid to admit they need help and to seek it out. Depression and anxiety therapy is an effective means of treatment by attempting to get to its root cause. Christian clinical psychotherapist, Kevon Owen, has helped hundreds of individuals triumph over their depression and anxiety.

Life Challenges Abound

Kevon Owen is tuned in to the many challenges that young people face throughout their lives. From the pressures of entering adulthood and school to challenges in love and the workplace, Owen has helped people deal with a myriad of issues that cause them emotional stress. 

While all ages and stages of life are marked by challenges, from 18 to 30 carries a significant number of life changes. Adulthood, first loves, entering the workforce and starting a family can bring people’s feelings of anxiety and depression to the forefront. For those in need of depression and anxiety therapy Edmond Oklahoma, Kevon Owen can help empower them through self awareness and guidance. 


Owen puts a lot of emphasis on faith and its power to provide guidance through times of tribulation. What Owen sees a lot of are people who are lost and struggling due to a loss of faith. Whether that loss has occurred slowly over time or is the result of suffering a tragedy and questioning God’s place in their life, Owen helps people find their way back to their lost faith when they need it the most. 

Emotional Triggers

Through counseling, people can delve into the root of why they are feeling the way they do, as well as figuring out what types of events, situations, feelings and people bring about those feelings of depression and anxiety the most. Once those triggers are determined, it can help people regulate their responses and emotions better. Depression and anxiety counseling Jones Oklahoma can help those suffering from anxiety and depression. Not only can these struggles impact a person’s emotional and physical health, if left untreated, it can start to affect a person’s relationships and can result in the loss of crucial support systems.

Kevon Owen, depression and anxiety therapy oklahoma city oklahoma, has built up a solid reputation as a psychotherapist with the potential to heal. Through depression and anxiety therapy, Owen works with his patients to regain control of their emotions and their lives. Through empowerment, Owen tries to help people who have lost their faith, who are dealing with the stresses of life such as becoming an adult or navigating relationships, by getting to the root of their problems and analyzing what their emotional triggers are and why.