Counseling for getting through high school

Teenage girl stressed out about some high school drama


The high school years are a pivotal time in the life of a teenager. It is a transitional period where the biggest challenge facing them is the decision they need to take as to what career path they want to pursue for the future. Should they go for higher education? Do they start working right away? Should they go to a trade school or enroll in some vocational course?

This in itself is no easy decision to make. But even when one has narrowed down his choices—for example, if one wants to enter college and take up a particular subject, they will still need to check up the different college programs, financial aid facilities and other related factors pertaining to their choice.

At the same time, this is also a crucial stage regarding the social-emotional development of an individual. As the end of the school life becomes imminent, students increasingly feel the need to prepare themselves mentally for ‘life after school.’ Add to this their current academic obligations (and how well or poorly they meet them may well come to decide whether or not they get to pursue the future they have envisioned for themselves) as well as factors like peer pressure, etc. and we can see how life in high school can become mentally overwhelming to not a few students.

And let us not forget that the expanding means of communication, facilitated by modern technology, make it no easier for today’s students and teenagers to navigate the social scenarios at this age. Issues like gossip, dating, bullying, body-shaming, etc. of course are not typical for high school students alone, but at least some of those issues can really reach aggressive proportions precisely at this juncture.

Here’s where an experienced, and more importantly, a caring and sympathetic counselor and mental health care professional can play an effective role in helping high school students navigate through their various problems as smoothly as possible. The goal is to help students get through the high school years in a way so that no emotional scars are left behind from these days.

Of course, schools have their own dedicated counselors in their staff to help students deal with these very problems. However, the reality of the situation is that the counselor-to-student ratio nationwide remains far higher than the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) recommended ratio of 1-250. As such, it is often not possible for school counselors to dedicate the time and attention required to properly resolve the various issues faced by many numbers of students.

In such situations, seeking individual counseling may yield the desired results. Kevon Owen, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and an experienced Christian Counselor from Oklahoma City, maintains that in such scenarios, individual counseling often serves to complement school counseling and vice-versa.

Skilled in Christian Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children, adults, and adolescents, Kevon will work together with the student (and if need be, with his/her parents) primarily with the aim to make him see his problems in a different light and approach them from an altered perspective. It is his goal to make the individual see and know the joy in life and god which will in itself take away most of the stress and help the student approach and deal with his problems in a more matured, relaxed and effective manner.

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