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The rigors of today’s busy lifestyles can be stressful. From marriage issues to work-related challenges, it is common for individuals to struggle coping. Thankfully, Kevon Owen Christian Counseling Clinical Psychotherapy provides preventive care.

You can count on the psychologist Edmond Oklahoma services to handle family and individual therapy sessions. The services cover a wide variety of needs and challenges. These include:

– Co-parenting

– Psychiatric and medication assessments

– Child and adolescent treatment

– Addictive behaviors

– Anxiety, mood disorder, and panic attacks

– Spiritual counseling

–  Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a preventive approach that provides significant benefits to couples. It can help minimize the possibility of divorce by strengthening families. Prevention work addresses an array of family issues. Psychologist OKC boasts vast experience in providing expert advice on matters relating to family planning, raising children, and other issues faced by married couples.

Whether you are planning to have children or not, you will receive professional advice that prepares you for the marriage. Psychotherapist Kevon Owen advises couples to discuss these matters in advance to avoid disagreements.

Co-Parenting Therapy

Co-parenting therapy makes it easier to handle the challenges associated with the welfare of children following divorce. Christian counseling services provided by Kevon Owen emphasizes the need to prioritize the needs of children. Doing so reduces the impact of divorce on the happiness of children.

Undergoing this type of therapy exposes you to professional counseling that focuses on hindrances to insight and emotional awareness. As a result, it becomes easier to form a balanced co-parenting relationship. The failure to adjust properly to the new arrangement can lead to clashes that negatively affect children. Hence, the need for preventive Christian counseling.

Professional Marriage Counseling

Christian Counseling Clinical Psychotherapist, Kevon Owen, helps couples navigate marital issues that could lead to a total breakdown in the relationship if not addressed. It is common for couples to avoid seeking assistance until the situation becomes untenable.

Fortunately, Kevon Owen Christian Counseling practice enables couples to deal with disagreements in a way that promotes reconciliation and compromise. Counseling sessions allow couples to improve emotional awareness, thus help them handle marital conflict differently. The sessions can provide a way to prevent minor issues from becoming major crises.

Child And Adolescent Therapy

Children and teens need to develop both emotional intelligence and social skills to become mature adults. In some cases, children grapple with emotional and social challenges that require professional counseling. Psychiatric services offered by Kevon Owen enables children to understand their emotional and behavioral issues in a way that leads to correction.

In some cases, teens also require expert support when it comes to medicine management. Proper psychological intervention can translate to better mental health outcomes for children and teenagers. The intervention forms part of preventive counseling care.

If unresolved, some social and behavioral challenges can create health and safety risks for the child. Some teenagers try to cope by engaging in irresponsible activities like alcohol and drug use.

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