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Many emerging young adults aged between 18 and 25 years are struggling with issues in the educational, professional, and social worlds. A young adult is usually faced with a high level of uncertainty plus the freedom to explore different choices. Social pressure gets in their way of trying to resolve tension and they may find themselves falling off course. The emotional toll is bewildering. This is where Christian counseling comes to the rescue.

Getting the right counseling in OKC is not easy. If you need personalized counseling in Edmond, look no further because Kevon Owen is ready to listen. He has helped thousands of young people to connect with their unique needs across the cities of Jones, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Midwest City, Moore, Norman and Choctaw.

Issues Facing Young Adults

Young adult issues begin in the late teenage years and early twenties. Family differences, school challenges, developmental problems, peers, and sexual encounters are some of the underlying factors for young adult issues. Due to the rapid changes- cognitive, emotional, sexual, and physiological- this age can be perturbing. Individual counseling can be extremely beneficial for anyone transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.

Apart from physical maturation, a young adult experiences a change in social responsibilities. This could come from higher education, a new career, or when starting a family. Accepting responsibility for oneself is not a simple decision. Often, a young adult is encouraged by parents to start supporting themselves financially. Others, after developing a strong sense of identity, start intimate relationships. At this stage, it is not uncommon for youths to experience low self-esteem, lack of motivation, trauma, anxiety, compulsive disorder, family conflicts, attachment issues, entitlement, and impulsivity.

COVID-19 Pandemic and Mental Health of Young Adults

The current public health concern of Coronavirus has increased the stress levels in young adults in unexpected ways. The world is in a tense state and many reactions are based on fear. It is time to be kind, understanding, and compassionate to everyone. To protect their mental health, a youthful generation needs support without judgement. With that in mind, counseling Jones is geared towards helping those who are becoming withdrawn, angry, or irritable. Christian counseling allows victims to express their sadness, fear, and other disturbing feelings. These feelings are inevitable under the current situation but talking to a therapist is very relieving.

It is common for people to seek attention during a pandemic. So, this is a perfect time for constant reassurance and comforting messages to young people that seem to be demanding. Human beings feel more secure when around their families and caregivers. In case of separation, there must be regular communications through video calls, phones, and other channels. It is also good to maintain family routines as much as possible.

Talk Now to a Counselor Who Listens

An emerging adult struggles to make meaning out of their new phase of life. Professional guidance assists in making clear decisions. A therapy session with Kevon Owen can be beneficial in many ways. If you are looking to establish meaningful connections with an intimate partner, friends, and family, then Christian Therapist OKC is the way to go. Call 405-655-5180 today to book an appointment or visit for more information.