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Basically everyone faces rejection at some point in their love lives, and nobody likes it. Dealing with rejection is not a skill they teach you in school, and it’s not one that comes easily to many people. So, when it happens, it helps to have some uplifting words (as well as a good friend and perhaps a bottle of wine) handy.

“Without us wanting to, we will always take the rejection personally,” Daniel Saynt, founder of NSFW, a club hosting sex-positive events and workshops, tells Bustle. “We will feel as if we’re not good enough. We’ll feel like we aren’t attractive, smart, or suave enough. We’ll hide in our self-loathing space and will sometimes use new and past rejections as an excuse for not loving ourselves in the way we should.”

“It’s very rare for us to consider that the decision may not be about us at all,” he continues. “We don’t consider all the factors which may have caused the rejection — things out of our control such as bad timing, the person’s interest in someone else, the person’s decision not to date due to coming out of another relationship, the person’s possible desire to be single for a while, or simply that the other person isn’t that into us.”

“Don’t take it personally” is much, much easier said than done, though. So, here are some things to tell yourself to make rejection a little less excruciating.

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